Provisional Patent Approved

The provisional patent has been approved, and Intra-net(s) is one step closer to being a full fledged, albeit tiny, gear business.  Intra-net(s) has successfully moved to Santa Cruz, California, and a workshop is in the making, but those of you who are interested in your own Intra-net will have to wait until September of 2015. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming designs and colors. 


Intra-net(s) has successfully moved to Santa Cruz. Not long before our arrival, we received notification that our design was officially approved for a provisional patent! What does that mean, some of you may ask? It means that we can write "Patent Pending" on our future packaging and labeling materials! We also have first dibs on the filing of a Utility patent. We couldn't be more excited. In other news, now that we have safely moved to Santa Cruz, we plan to continue our hard work. This work includes drafting an LLC, as well as maintaining the small, but growing number of collaborators and retailers that have continued to invigorate Intra-net(s). 

Until next time

Intra-net(s) and TreeStuff

Intra-net(s) spoke with TreeStuff this week. We had a wonderful exchange with the executive team, and they expressed interest in working with Intra-net(s) in the future. Once Intra-net(s) takes root, we look forward to continuing our talks with TreeStuff and beginning some sort of collaboration. For such a small business as ours, we are thankful for any attention paid. Thank you, TreeStuff.