Apparel: Base Layer, Generation 1


Hybrid base layer

Our first generation Hybrid Base-Layer is a new take on light/mid-weight base layers. It's designed around one simple, but often overlooked principe of human thermodynamics: the further away you are from the core of your body, the more insulation you really need. 

Heat Map Upper Body.jpg


The Hybrid Base-Layer has the functionality of a light-weight base layer throughout your core: light weight polyester along the chest and spine allows for greater moisture release (think sweaty back-pack back), as well as enhanced heat release across the chest when active. Polyester also allows for design customization through sublimated printing. Light-weight insulating, waffled Power-Grid Polartec (TM) (~180-220 g/m2) along the rib/flank adds a little extra protection from cross-winds, while mid-weight channeled, Power-Grid Polartec (TM) (~200-240 g/m2) throughout the shoulders and arms provides the greatest insulation to the areas which need it most. One important feature of this base-layer is the intersection of two types of odor-resistant synthetics in the pit. Why? Synthetic blended fibers can retain odor; therefore, after a wash, it's easier to get rid of those pesky body smells that make any casual wearing or shared tent accommodations a risky business.

When layering, the Hybrid Base Layer really stands out. Worry less about constantly adjusting the zipper on your fleece/vest/wind-breaker in order to vent excess heat when active, while simultaneously having to monitor the temperatures of your arms and hands. You will immediately feel the benefit of enhanced breathability and wicking control across the chest and back, while maintaining elevated heat in the forearms and ribs.

Designs (2018/2019) 

Seas, Bees, and Trees 

For a complete list of graphic designs, check out the Base Layer in the SHOP


Tech Specs (Gen 1):

  • Made to order, Made in USA

    • Composition, TOTAL: 90% Polyester, 5% Elastane, 5% Spandex
      • Chest: 100% Polyester, high-wicking fabric [~150 g/sm]
      • Arms: Polartec (TM) 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex waffled jersey (shallow and narrow channel) [~240 g/sm]
      • Rib/Flank: Polartec (TM) 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane waffled jersey (deep and wide channel) [~200 g/sm]
      • Neck/Collar: 4-way stretch with high elastic return, highly breathable
    • Features: Flat lock seams, state of the art fabrics 
  • Benefits

    • Breathable
    • Wicking
    • Hybrid light/mid weight utilizes multiple fabric types that together, are greater than the sum of their parts
    • Personalized chest designs/graphics
    • Unparalleled for layering, yet light and cool when worn alone
  • Drawbacks

    • Not well suited above 85F, 25C
    • Polartec (TM) fabric is chosen specifically to be odor resistant, but NOT odor-free
    • Our product guarantee, whether lifetime or otherwise, is under an empirical review