Here at EiBO Gear, we are currently working on a number of projects

Eibo Gear begins designing technical apparel

EiBO has begun designing both casual and technical apparel (December 2017). We are in the process of patenting a new type of outdoor apparel that is highly functional, and aesthetically interesting. The proposed line of apparel will be rolled out in "campaigns". The first campaign is titled "Bees, Trees, and Seas." What we are committing to- 5% or more of all profits will go to land/sea conservation via already existing non-profits as well as the EiBO Gear Land Trust and education fund. More about the Seas, bees, and trees project below:

Plenty of great companies make great apparel- it's a fact. However, we think theres a basic element missing from many base layers sold around the world- the design/graphic... or lack thereof. Thats where we fit in. Our designs come in all forms and colors, and each represent a different "campaign". Our campaigns are structured around specific ecosystems or organisms. Do you love scuba diving and have a great appreciation for all things sea? We do. Are you intoxicated by tall trees and open fields? We are. The initial roll out of Hybrid Base-Layers will feature one of three designs: trees, bees, or seas. For every base-layer featuring a specific design, 40% goes to a pre-selected non-profit aimed at conservation and/or research of that featured ecosystem or organism. The remaining 60% of profits go to the Eibo Gear Land trust, and environmental/farming education initiative (see: The 5%). 


Bees are essential to our global supply chain of food. They ensure that countless species of fruit trees and crops are pollinated each and every year. Without them, we are reliant on a host of other, more energetically expensive methods of pollination. China has combatted this first hand over the last decade, and it has led to a measurable decline in productivity and plant health. Furthermore, any process without them is simply unsustainable. Because there has been a down-turn in global bee activity, year over year, it seems only fitting to dedicate one of our campaigns to them. If you've ever enjoyed a spoon-full of fresh honey, you'll immediately empathize with our want to keep them happy and healthy for generations to come. 

EiBO Gear_Bees_4kick_2.jpg


The creator of EiBO Gear fell head over heels in love with trees many years ago. They encompass a silent class of organism that have existed through the ages. As the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids of Giza, there were trees in what is now known as California taking root that are alive to this day (mind blown). Trees have helped the growth of modern civilization- think of any house, barn, or 500 year old castle that doesn't have a cross-beam or support made of a grand oak, pine, douglas fir, or maple. Trees replenish our oxygen, and they sequester countless billions of pounds of carbon every year. Trees are wonderful things that deserve our respect and protection. Lets protect them together. 



Ocean acidification threatens ever stretch of ocean on earth- being inter connected, they're all at risk. The "SEA" designs are near and dear to our hearts. Inside both the Octopus and the Frogfish design, we have inlaid stylized photographs that we took while scuba diving in Indonesia. This trip was a once in a lifetime trip to the last untouched reef system on earth. Within this small stretch of the Pacific lies 65% of the world's coral and fish biodiversity. As ocean acidification continues to threaten our oceans and their countless organisms, we at EiBO Gear are committed to protecting these spaces for as long as we shall live (and hopefully beyond).   

Sea designs using inlaid photography from the collection of Kookhyun Kim, a friend and avid photographer of the great reefs of Indonesia. #betweenbubbles 

Sea designs using inlaid photography from the collection of Kookhyun Kim, a friend and avid photographer of the great reefs of Indonesia. #betweenbubbles 

Growth Opportunities

EiBO Gear's flagship product, the Sky-Deck, is as strong as it is fun to use. However, Sky-Decks are currently made by hand, which makes getting a hold of a Sky-Deck pretty difficult. EiBO Gear is looking to expand. If you see the potential growth of the Sky-Deck as we do (think bigger than the trampoline), then consider contacting EiBO Gear. 

Re-designing Sky-Decks, 2016

We are currently re-designing our product to be stronger, and more aesthetic. EiBO Gear will continue it's current evolution through early 2016. By mid 2016, we hope to have a line of re-designed Sky-Decks for the public to enjoy.

First Generation Sky-Deck. The dog's name is Pongo. He's also a fan of Sky-Decks.

First Generation Sky-Deck. The dog's name is Pongo. He's also a fan of Sky-Decks.