EiBO Gear Gives Back 

At EiBO Gear, we aren't the first to give back, but we're aiming to be the "biggest". Because one of the central themes at EiBO Gear is purpose over profits, we dedicate 5% or more of net revenue (i.e. profit) toward the conservation of the greater outdoors, environmental and farming education, and trusted non-profits. Healthy land = good food, clean water, and enjoyable recreation. As the business grows, so too will the percent we give to our mission to promote environmental health and education for all (long term goal: 50% 15 years from now). 

Not far from Sequoia National Park...

Not far from Sequoia National Park...

EiBO Gear Land trust (40% of donation)

The EiGO Gear Land Trust is an ambitious project that will take decades to realize. Land that is protected with a conservation easement will end up being a community resource, as well as a destination camp-spot. A small portion will later be opened up to create a sustainable teaching farm undergoing an 8 year crop rotation. At EiBO gear, we believe in complete transparency from beginning to end. The larger EiBO Gear grows, the more land we can conserve together, and the better off future generations will be! 

Environmental and Farming education (20% of donation)

One of the largest barriers to change is lack of education. Education empowers us to think critically, to expand our knowledge, and to enable us to take action when it matters most. At EiBO Gear, we believe that land conservation is critical to the health of our national and global soils, our food supply, and ourselves. Armed with a PhD in Plant Biology and Ecology, the creator of EiBO Gear not only has the knowledge needed to educate, but the passion to see it done right. By creating rich educational material, and supporting educational non-profits who's aim is to increase environmental awareness and good farming practices, we are investing in a better future for all.    

Finger Lakes, NY

Finger Lakes, NY

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Featured non-profit (40% of donation)

If you've seen our apparel, you'll notice a trend- oceans, seas, bees, trees, etc... Our clothes are made to be functional, renewable (in part or in whole), and aesthetically interesting. If you purchase a shirt with a graphic on it, lets say a bee hive, you'll be donating directly to a non-profit who focuses on conservation for that featured organism or ecosystem.  The non-profits we select deliver real results, and have a long-standing record of effecting meaningful change and/or conducting value added research. 

Non-Profit Information

At EiBO Gear, Conservation of at-risk organisms and ecosystems is central to our Business' model. For this reason, a portion of our conservation pledge involves donating to non-profits with a proven track record. It is our belief that businesses are doomed to fail, financially and ethically, if they don't actively work to 1) curb their own footprint on the environment, and 2) work to protect the resources that are directly tied to their successes. As an example, a paper mill with no interest in sustainable forestry practices is, in our opinion, disinterested in their own long term success (not to mention disinterested in the ecosystem which replenishes their only raw material). 

Annual Pledge

2018: 5% (2% non-profit, 2% land-trust, 1% education)

2017: 5% (2% non-profit, 2% land-trust, 1% education). 

Campaign 1 (2018-2019)

EiBO Gear's first "Apparel Campaign" is titled Seas, bees, and trees. For this first campaign, we will be donating 2% of the profits from every sale to the graphic design featured on the apparel purchased. 

Trees: Nature Conservancy

Bees: Pollinator Partnership

Seas: Oceana