Striving to create the highest quality apparel and gear, where purpose is placed ahead of profits.  

EiBO Gear's Mission

Mission:  to responsibly create outdoor products, and actively conserve outdoor spaces. EiBO Gear strives to create quality outdoor products consciously, and to promote a business model that places "purpose" ahead of profits by committing as much time and money as possible toward conservation and environmental education.    

 We strive to design and fabricate custom-made recreational gear and apparel for the backyard fun-lover, the urban trekker, and the outdoor adventurer alike. Our focus on environmental sustainability and the conservation of at-risk ecosystems is second only to the production of the highest quality gear. Our flagship product, the Sky-Deck, is the first innovation to come from EiBO Gear.  Think of it as an extremely safe (safe working strength ~1,200lbs), light weight (5-8 lbs), portable (5-10L volume), net/bed/platform for the outdoors. Soon, EiBO Gear will be launching a line of technical and casual apparel that will be highly functional, graphically rich, and centered around conservation (see projects for more details) 

Sky-Deck Uses     

  • Backyard family fun

  • Car camping

  • Hiking/Backpacking

  • Festivals

  • Tailgating

  • Kids outdoor and indoor fort (with a frame)

  • Indoor couch substitute (with a frame)

  • Garage storage (when not in use)

  • Safety (arrest the fall of heavy debris)

  • and much more...

      Apparel Uses

  • Just about everything

EiBO Gear hopes to set a new standard for small business by emphasizing land, water, and animal conservation in it's business model. Population growth threatens to choke us out of the pristine natural spaces that many of us have come to rely on for mental, physical, and economic growth. EiBO Gear will therefore work to curb this trend by investing 5% or more of it's profits in land and sea conservation (40% to EiBO Gear Land trust, 40% to chosen campaign non-profit, and 20% to the EiBO Gear outdoor and environmental education program).    

It sounds like a radical proposal for a business. Putting a “purpose” ahead of your profits is gonna set you up for failure.
— A Venture Capitalist we will prove wrong

What We've Achieved

  • 2013- Successfully designed and engineered the first two iterations of Sky-Deck. These recreational nets held over 12 people each.

  • 2014- Re-engineered Sky-Decks to be lighter weight, just as strong, and considerably more compact than the originals.

  • 2015- Constructed the newest version of Sky-Deck, which provide more strength, less stretching, and features for sleeping.

  • Began a Kickstarter campaign to help bring Sky-Deck (formerly known as Intra-net(s)) to an audience larger than my immediate friend group.

  • Began collaboration with TreeStuff- a nationally recognized tree climbing and arborist retailer. We continue to love their service!

  • Was awarded a provisional patent on the Sky-Deck design. Sky-Deck is now under review by the USPTO for a Utility Patent.

  • 2017- EiBO Gear is Trademarked!!

  • 2017- EiBO Gear begins design of both technical apparel line for hiking/outdoor recreation, as well as casual line. Purpose of this apparel is 1) to clothe you, and 2) to enhance global conservation efforts.


Who Created EiBO Gear, and why?

Alex Paya started EiBO Gear while in graduate school studying plant physiology and forest ecology. It was in graduate school where Alex learned to climb trees- the 150 foot tall kind in the deepest parts of the forest. 

While 100 feet up in a canopy, sometimes for research but more often for fun, he wondered what it would be like to live in the trees (like the lost boys in the tale of Peter Pan). Constructing something out of wood was too costly and elaborate. However, a net could work. When Alex could not find a safe net that suited his needs, he made one. While making these high tensile net structures for his friends and family, he saw a business opportunity ahead of him. However, he decided early on that any departure from fundamental sciences would have to be accompanied by a heavy commitment to conservation. 

 Alex studied plants for a decade, including how they use and release carbon. After ten years researching plants and climate change, one thing came to his attention; knowing how plants use resources such as carbon will not really change how we use it. He thought- the only meaningful thing to do is to work to preserve the natural spaces we have left. Nature will not prevail if there is none left to fight. 

It is Alex's hope that EiBO Gear will grow slowly and sustainably. Money that is not re-invested into EiBO Gear will be placed into a fund dedicated to the conservation of at-risk ecosystems (5% in one form or another). EiBO Gear commits that there will never be a day when we are not dedicated to the conservation of the greater outdoors.