Intra-net(s) and the Skilletation Nation, #greatblueheronmusic

If you don't know what the Skilletation Nation is, don't worry- it is somewhat of an inside joke among friends of Intra-net(s). What is not a joke, however, is the new strength and capacity of the most recent model of Intra-net(s). Recently, over the fourth of July weekend, we got a change to test the strength and gauge public interest in the aesthetics of the newly re-designed Intra-net. Click on the header to link to a picture of 9 friends sitting in an Intra-net, having what looks like a good time (debatable for those stuck in the middle). I count 9 men at no less than 170 pounds a piece (many are > 220). Thats over 1,500 pounds in a single Intra-net, and not only was it holding tight, but feeling mighty comfortable too. We look forward to further innovations in Intra-net(s)- where safety and fun are paramount.