EiBO Gear Has a New Partner

EiBO Gear welcomes a newcomer to it's ranks: Josh Cohen. Josh is stepping into an essential, and long awaited role for EiBO Gear- Chief Operations Officer (COO). Josh is chiefly responsible for, well,  nearly all aspects of marketing, sales, operations, and product improvement. Josh brings with him nearly a decade of sales and marketing experience, and we couldn't be happier to have him on board.

Josh loves the outdoors.   He grew up in a beautiful and wooded area of southeast Cleveland, and has always been an outdoorsman at heart. 

Josh learned to really cherish and treasure nature as a young boy through trips to Martha's Vineyard, extensive reading, excursions through Cleveland's nearby metro parks, or supervised training at summer camp. 

Despite a love for nature and outdoors, Josh initially decided to enter into industry specializing in scalling sales capacity in small, but rapidly scaling companies from niche commercial negotiation consulting firms, to enterprise software providers.

EiBO is an exciting project for Josh because it will enable him to blend his business development skills with his love for the outdoors, and he's extremely excited to start this new adventure with EiBO Gear.