EiBO Gear nears completion of their KickStarter

EiBO Gear is nearing the end (or the beginning), of their Kickstarter campaign. We look forward to getting support, and public feedback around the apparel we plan to offer. We hope to design durable clothing that is highly functional, but equally aesthetic. When nudging your way into an industry that is worth billions, and has millions of loyal customers, you know you've got a long and tough road ahead of you. We're excited about the challenge, and we're excited to roll out a product that is made with a function, sold with a purpose, and created to effect some form of meaningful change. Conservation and consumerism wouldn't blend well in a cocktail (think black and tan), but we're taking a shot at blending the two to achieve something that is greater than the sum of it's parts.  Lets take the leap together. Our commitment- we'll fix your shirts for life (as long as feasible). Why not?

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